Clear Sky Recovery - Mathew Mellon Billionaire Murdered at Clear Sky Ibogaine

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Yup it's confirmed Mathew Mellow died in the hands of Dr Sola, and the shady clinic covered it up. what a bunch of evil vile people.

We have spoken to the family and friends they are trying to find a way to sue the clinic but cant, even if it's murder. In mexico they can't be touched

Please reach out to the family they miss Matt very much and what justice for him! Help the family hold these killers accountable.

Deborah mash the failed scientist took his money and is now bankrupt and broke, she swindled all the investors money. She filed bankruptcy and spent millions of dollars that belong to others,

Now she make her money stealing from desperate folks. Now they are trying so desperately to sell the clinic in cancun.

People need to see the truth, and realise, real eyes, see real lies.

I have no skin in the game, i only only trying to see that no one else dies and we will expose these killers for this cover up.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Death, Unethical.



Right, because when you kill one of the richest people on earth not being able to sue some guy in Mexico stops all that. I absolutely believe you're not some bro running a "ibogaine clinic" off a couch in your house. Because obviously the most experienced ibogaine providers are unemployed drug addicts who sit on facebook all day slandering everybody.

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May people have died at clear sky ibogaine center in cancun.

they are killers and your loved will die as well.

may great places to do ibogaine, this place is a death trap.

Dr sola will under OR overdose you! he has no clue on ibogaine

Mathew mellon was killed there, we have posted all over the web, but they keep deleting our reviews. They want this covered up.

Worst place to do ibogaine, Deborah mash is a fraud her company has been bankrupt, she stole all investors money!

You have been warned.

They are all scammers, laura shapiro, and dr sola are all con artists.

If you go there and complain they will put a hit on you, you have been warned

watch the video and read the images,

many many people have complained about this place!

may people have died

many people have been sent to the hospital

many people will continue to die.

You have been warned



Be Careful this place is connected to the mexican cartel and mob. If you complain make sure you stay anonymous.

Or they will find you and kill you if you post anything bad. You too will end up missing. So far in mexico at clears sky ibogaine has 5 people have died and ended up missing. You have been warned.

I worked there for only 6 months, I could not take the lies and all the covers ups.

Yes the billionaire Matt Mellon did die there!. These are very dangerous people.


I went to clearsky ibogaine in cancun to do ibogaine. i was there with 4 other people, one of the girls that was there was molested by the male nurse while under influence of ibogaine.

she complained to the owner and he shrugged it off. the place is dangerous.

Thanks for posting this review, glad people are able to speak up. Please stay anonymous if you want to complain the girl in this video was threatened by the cartel and gang members from mexico to take it down.


These are some serious allegations for someone who is only repeating hearsay. Just exactly what did they do to YOU and what as the outcome?

If that's your photo included with the post, I'd guess you're talking about some sort of rehab facility. I have never heard of "ibogaine" and I wouldn't go to Mexico to save my life.

And you're no help; you didn't even provide the most diminutive explanation of purpose, cost, expected results, etc. Yours is a really lousy post and I'd suggest waiting until you're sober to write any more.

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